Business Hours: When do you need me?

My name is Steve Simpson. I am a residential designer, drafter, and construction manager. I graduated from Wallace Community College with two degrees, Architectural Drafting and Graphics Design and Engineering Drafting and Graphics Design. I graduated summa cum laude in both degrees with a GPA of 4.0. I have over 20 years experience in construction management, design, and using AutoDesk software.

I provide the following services:

  • New Home drafting and design in 3D and AutoCad
  • Remodeling drafting and design of residential structures
  • Construction Management locally
  • Drafting Services for most all disciplines

A new home design or a remodeling project takes a team effort. I give my attention and expertise to your dreams as soon as we make contact. I listen to your ideas and thoughts and give feedback based upon my experience and expertise. This dialogue and team building starts the moment we start talking.

I love sketches from the client. Whether it is on a napkin or drawn with a straight edge on a piece of paper. These sketches put us way ahead of the game and minimizes the “guess work” in deciding what meets your needs and desires. I take these sketches and pictures and convert them into house plan blueprints in 3D or AutoCad so you can visualize what is on paper. 3D really bridges the gap between what your mind sees and what actually will be built.

Are you tired of waiting forever for to get your house plans drawn and made into blueprints? Is your dream on hold or your wondering where you are going to put the addition to your family. I can help. You need a basic set of plans to get an estimate to see what your dream home will cost. MY price structure allows you to do this for a lot less than others. I can create bid drawings quickly. a few weeks is all it takes on most jobs to get your plans ready. Small jobs can be completed in a couple of weeks and larger jobs up to a few months. A lot of this will be determined by how many changes are made after the concept is accepted. If there is any question concerning the soil, either by myself or the contractor then a civil engineer must be brought on board to analyze the soil and possibly design the foundation. I will work with the engineers or any consultants for a seamless pass of information. If engineered beams are needed, I can typically get an engineer from the manufacturer to design the beam. If not, we will have to bring an engineer on board for this task. This will be an additional cost.

I live in a small town in Georgia. I know that people living rural counties what the same services that people in the larger metropolitan areas receive. I strive to give people in these areas this service. I have clients over 80 miles away. I meet with them on their schedule. If they can’t see me until after working hours then I will be there. If I need to meet with you on the weekend I can do that.


My fee is primarily based upon square footage. This price may vary depending on the complexity of design such as custom mouldings or complex roofing systems. It is rare that this happens. Payment will be adjusted depending on any expansion or reduction of square footage.

I require 35% payment to start working on the project, which includes coming to your home or land, measuring and taking pictures as well as having an in depth discussion on what your ideas and dreams maybe. There are two items that I need from the client that are extremely important. Most important is any covenants or association rules that cover will cover your home. Secondly is a plat of your property. The plat is necessary for me to create a site plan which you will need (in some counties) as part of the permitting process.

Are you looking to expand your family, want a playroom or man cave, or just build the home you have always wanted. I will give you a checklist of items and ideas that you may not have thought of for your home. This checklist greatly reduces the time it takes to finalize the initial concept drawings.

2nd 35% of the payment is due when I give you the basic drawing package. Normally this package is sufficient for permits, bids, financing, and gaining approval from any neighborhood association. This is the time when you can decide if you want to follow through with the building or remodeling of your home without paying the full fee.

Final payment is due when I present you with a construction package. This package will include all the measurements, section drawings, details, notes, etc. to build your home. There are two disciplines that I do not create drawings for. HVAC and plumbing. If you would have me furnish them and will be glad to contract for them at whatever cost I am charged. I have yet to see a plumber that wants a complete plumbing drawing. They prefer to do them as part of the job. Heating and Air have the same mindset. Unless it is a large house with multiple floors, a competent HVAC installer prefers to make his drawings in house. Plumbers and HVAC contractors are specialist in themselves.

The drawing package will include two sets of drawings. Each set will include the following:

  1. Full rendering of the home
  2. Site Plan
  3. Foundation Plan
  4. Foundation and footing details
  5. Floor Plan
  6. Front and Back Elevations
  7. Side Elevations
  8. Electrical Plan
  9. Roofing Plan
  10. Roofing Details including rafters if stick built
  11. Interior Elevations (showing all bathroom and kitchen cabinets)
  12. Section Drawings (showing wall details)
  13. Ceiling Joists and details
  14. Floor Joists and flooring (if crawl space is used)
  15. Window Schedule
  16. Door Schedule
  17. Panelboard Schedule
  18. Additional Notes if necessary.
  19. Any additional drawings as needed for the project

If it is a remodeling project then “present built drawings” and demolition drawings will be furnished.

What is included in a remodeling plan?

Design Plan.
The design plan will show what they want as the end result of the remodeling.
The new doors, windows, openings, appliances and electrical, will be shown in
the design plan.

As-Built Plan.
The As Built plan will show the existing floor plan, openings, windows,
doors, appliances, rough dimensions, and locations. AsBuilt drawings
are very helpful, even for out of town Architects, who are remodeling
structures locally, and need me to provide AsBuilt drawings for them
to work from.

Demolition Plan.
The demolition plan will show what is being removed, replaced, and changed,
but does not show the final layout, and design.

Because of the distances involved to some clients it is much faster to send drawings electronically. If you have Adobe on your computer you can see and magnify the drawings. If you are close to a print shop i.e. Office Depot, Staples, etc. then I may ask you to pick up the drawings. This would be quicker and save me a lot of driving.

Are you a contractor?

Do you need someone to interface with your client and provide you with plans to build their home or remodeling project. I use Revit and AutoCad software. I can provide drawings to your standards. I will be glad to help you and your clients.

Do you need someone to take care of overflow? I am available for any part of the drawing package (except plumbing and HVAC? Please call, text, or email.